Nine extremely bright engineering students from the Delft University of Technology and another four students studying Human Movement Sciences at Amsterdam’s VU University partnered with technicians from Sikkens’ Application Research Department. Together they produced a highly-engineered version of a high speed bike that was first across the finish line in the race held in early September.

Sikkens’ role in the partnership has been to bring the most advanced knowledge about coatings aerodynamics to the task of painting the ultra-thin, ultra-light shell of the VeloX3. The recumbent bike is painted with high-performance coatings technology which were developed using expertise gained in our partnership with the McLaren Mercedes F1 racing team.

“Compared with an ordinary cyclist, the design of the VeloX3 has only a tenth of the resistance. The paint is so smooth that the bike as a whole has about as much resistance as a beer mat held vertically in an airstream.”

Rob Lagendijk
RD&I Manager at AkzoNobel explained

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