The partnership immediately had a significant impact for the builders of the VeloX3. Sikkens knew how to convince the team to build a new shell using a different production method, a new monocoque for the recumbent bike.

The coating system designed for the VeloX3 uses a unique substance as a final coat which creates a super-smooth surface.

This year’s version of the competition model bike was 7 kg lighter than its predecessor and showed at least 14% less wind resistance.

Team cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier reached a speed of just over 133 km/h to beat Canadian Sam Wittingham’s existing record by 0.6 km/h. 

Paint technology specialists from Sikkens working with the VeloX3 team recommended a new design for the shell that would maximize the coating’s aerodynamic properties.

The new shell is 7 kg lighter than the earlier version and, thanks to the special Sikkens coating, has at least 14 % less air resistance.

The coating system was developed using expertise gained in Formula 1. For over four years Sikkens has been exclusive supplier of paint solutions to the McLaren Mercedes F1 team.

Microscopically small, uneven, and irregular areas are filled-in with a final coat, creating a super-smooth finish.

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