Autoclear HS + LV

High Solids acrylic urethane clearcoat

Autoclear HS+ LV is a high-solids acrylic urethane clearcoat for use with Autobase Plus and Autowave. Autoclear HS+ LV offers both a high gloss clearcoat and a productive clearcoat with the use of different hardener and activator combinations. Autoclear HS+ LV enables Sikkens customers to meet the most stringent VOC laws in the Automotive Refinish Market.

Autoclear HS + LV  Item # 390836 
Autoclear HS + LV Hardener  Item # 390837 
Autoclear HS + LV Activator Medium  Item # 397232 
Autoclear HS + LV Activator Slow  Item # 397231 
Autoclear HS + LV Activator Spot & Panel  Item # 397228